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Professor ved Københavns Universitet. Ejer af Coaching-dialog-personligt lederskab (CVR nr.: 27353657)

My coaching course in the news

The University Newspaper published an article about my coaching master course, where some of my students talked about the benifits of the course regarding their professional and private life. Read her!

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Invited speaker with a lecture “Building a Strong Coach-Coachee Relationship”

The Association Coaching organizes an online event on 4. March 2021. Check the homepage: https://www.associationforcoaching.com/

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Invited speaker, University College, Cork. on 20 May 2021

1st National Online Coaching Psychology / Coaching Conference, University College, Cork. Date:   Thursday 20th / Friday 21st May 2021. Venue: University College, Cork. Theme: Coaching Psychology and Coaching in your Community at this time: “Recovery and Sustainability This rescheduled Two-Day online Conference offers Keynote, Invited Speakers and Skills-based Sessions. This past year has been extraordinary [...]

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The Coaching Book of the Year

"The Art of Dialogue in Coaching" has received an award at Henley Business School: "The Coaching Book of the Year 2019"

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German Springer publication “Coaching als mitmenschliche Begegnung – Die Kunst zu verweilen”

See more at: https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783658226763  

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Participation in TAOS institute Jubilee Conference in Nov. 2018

My intention is to run a discussion on the importance of value for identity, self, and collaboration with others in a society which is more and more dominated by individuals' focus on their performance, which often leads to stress and burnout. We have to relearn to stand firm. What are the consequences for our understanding of [...]

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New book “The Art of Dialogue in Coaching”

My new book "The Art of Dialogue in Coaching - Towards Transformative Exchange " will be on the market in october 2018.

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A Guide to Third Generation Coaching comes out in Korean

The Korea Coaching Supervision Academy is currently preparing a translation of my Springer Book "A Guide to Third Generation Coaching", originally published in Danish.

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International appreciation for supporting coaching science

On this year's Harvard Medical School coaching conference  prof. Reinhard Stelter received a certificate of appreciation in honour of inspiring and supporting coaching science through his membership in the Research Advisory Council of the  Institute of Coaching / Harvard Medical School.  

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Two days workshop on Third Generation Coaching in Lisbon

The Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisabon, has invited me for a days workshop on Third generations coaching on 30 June and 1 July 2017. They notice the interesting work in my English book publication.

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Lecturing at a PhD Summer School in Paris

On 26-27 June 2017 I give lecture at University of Paris-Est, France, on qualitative research methods and on the topic "Body, Self and Identity"

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Health coaching lecture

As part of the series of lecture on coaching Vinnie Andersen, Peter Elsborg and I presented first results for a larger study on health coaching. Read more about the study at http://nexs.ku.dk/english/research/units/sport-individual-society/projects/coaching/research/health-coaching/  

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