With my expertise I have support different organisation and I will continuously be engaged in different committees and boards. Currently I am Honorary Vice President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School, Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association, member of the Advisory Board at Copenhagen Coaching Center, associate member of The Taos Institute, member of the Advisory Board of The Positivity  Institute in Sydney and member of the Think Tank of the Danish High Performance Institute.

I have been a member of a larger number of evaluation committees for professorial positions, PhDs etc. and a member of several scientific committees

I am editorial board member of International Coaching Psychology Review, Coaching: Theory, Research and Practice, International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching, and I am co-editor of Coachingpsykologi – The Danish Journal of Coaching Psychology. Between 2001-2011 I have been associate editor of Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

Furthermore, I serve as mentor in the mentor program for younger female researchers at the University of Copenhagen and in the mentor program of the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs.

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